Robert Luke Martin

Conductor, Orchestrator, Concert Producer



Conducting is the rare art form that cannot be done alone, as it is the only musical art form that requires the collaboration of other musicians. It is for this reason that conductors must become entrepreneurs and create the opportunities to allow them to hone their craft, and Robert is no stranger to this concept, having started the Houghton Pops Orchestra in Houghton, New York; and the Irish Video Game Orchestra in Belfast, Northern Ireland; and most recently, the Studio Orchestra at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music in Long Beach, California.  



Studio Orchestra at BCCM | Music Director (2018- )

Irish Video Game Orchestra | Music Director, General Manager (2015- )

Queen's University Chamber Orchestra |  Music Director (2014-2015)

Houghton Pops Orchestra | Music Director (2010-2013)


Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, CSULB | Master of Music, Instrumental Conducting

Studied with Dr. Jermie Arnold, John Carnahan, and Dr. Donald Brinegar (conducting)

Queen's University Belfast | Master of Arts, Arts Management

Houghton College | Bachelor of Music in Organ

Studied with Gary Stith, and Dr. Stephen Plate (conducting); Dr. Judy Congdon (organ)